I finished my internship and all I got was my boss’s cold.  (Well, I also got a really good ice cream cake from Cold Stone, but the cold is bumming me out right now.)

I think the highlight of my internship has been switching shoes with a client because I was wearing flats and she was wearing 7-inch heels (along with an outfit that was way more appropriate for a night of clubbing than a summary jury trial) and we were supposed to be proving that she had an extremely limiting back injury.

The switch was all my idea too, I was surprised my boss actually told me to go for it.

At work, writing up a specials package and seriously how is it that NO ONE knows how to spell “psychiatrist”? 

Note:  This includes the psychiatrists themselves.

Seriously, you’d think maybe the lawyers might mess it up, but at least the doctors would actually get it right.